Jean Charles Lanolin Day, Night & Skin Creme 4 Gift Pack

Gift Pack Contains:
1 x Lanolin Day Crème + Sunscreen – 100gr jar
Blended with Australian Lanolin, Collagen and cross linked Elastin our Day Crème helps to seal in the skin’s natural moisture to retain its elasticity and beauty. Our Day Crème with its rich yet easily absorbed formulation is ideal for use under make-up. The added sunscreen protects against the damaging effects of the sun.

1 x Lanolin Anti-Wrinkle Night Crème – 100gr jar
67This highly effective Night Crème will penetrate deeply into new skin cells while you sleep to revitalise after daily exposure to our harsh climate. The Australian lanolin makes this an ideal product to nourish, tone and help create healthy looking skin.
2 x Lanolin Skin Crème with Vitamin E – 100gr jar

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