Bunabiri Indigenous Bucket Hat - Stephen Hogarth - Rivers Around

Perfect gift for any hat lover!
Rivers Around by

Stephen Hogarth.

Stephen Hogarth (traditional name Baayama) was born in Adelaide South Australia, and he is a descendant of the Kamilaroi Nation where most of his relatives and community originate. It was in this region where he was taught to paint in the desert style by Elders. Later he moved to Brisbane Queensland and continued to learn more about his culture from Elders along with their permission to paint and create different styles. Stephen says the main reason he paints is to share with others and he derives his inspiration from country, the land and people. He fully respects his Elders who gave him permission to paint the symbols, patterns and colours that he uses in his designs.

Accessorise your outfit and add to it with this eye-catching Indigenous Bucket hat.

Go for a unique stylish look that will have your friends and family talking about this exceptional statement piece and wanting this very special Indigenous design.


  • Indigenous Licensed Design
  • Design: Bunabiri 
  • Style: Rivers Around 
  • Colour: Rivers Around design 
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Quality finish
  • Vent holes to keep you cool
  • Hand Wash Only

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