Canvas Bag - Colin Jones - Hunters and Gatherers Reef


Colin Jones was born in 1947 in Ipswich, Queensland, and is of Kaladoon and Nunuckle tribal descent. Colin’s Aboriginal name is Ko-Ro, which means Brolga wings. As a young boy, Colin learned to paint from his grandfather. 

The subject of Australian black history is near and dear to Colin and it is richly depicted in every painting he produces. His multi-layered dot paintings tell the stories of his ancestral lands where the rainforest, rivers and land connects. Bush tucker is in abundant and native animals live harmoniously together providing a rich source of food for the native dwellers. In these depictions, there are small gestures such as the foot and hand prints telling the stories of Aboriginal people’s continuous fight for their rights.

Some of Colin’s favourite animals such as goanna, barramundi and python are visually represented as camouflaged in the canvas. His painting techniques provide many movements and sense of wonder to the viewers as one could see the flicker of sheen from the subtle use of metallic paints.

Besides painting, Colin teaches history and culture all over the world. He has taught at University of Honolulu and University of Hilo, Hawaii as well as Germany, France and England. He has also lectured at the UN. Currently, Colin helps troubled youths at Goori house, an addiction treatment centre in Queensland. 

Colin’s art has been exhibited in leading galleries in Europe, America, Great Britain and Australia.

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