Carded Australian Made Returning Boomerang - Kangaroo Sunset 18"

Guaranteed to return when thrown correctly.

Instructions for Boomerang Throwing

For the learner, boomerang throwing is not recommended in gusty or very strong wind conditions.

You will not that the boomerang is flat on one side and rounded on the other. Hold the boomerang, flat side to palm with end about the middle of the palm, face the direction from which the wind is blowing; now turn at an angle of about 45 degrees to the right of wind direction and, raising boomerang above right shoulder tilt slightly right of vertical and in a relaxed manner throw it forward and slightly upward imparting a spinning motion to it as it leaves the hand.

Small and light boomerangs may be held between the thumb and index finger to obtain more spin.

If thrown correctly the boomerang will follow an elliptical course and return to thrower from the left side. Should you be left handed you should use a left-hand boomerang and throw to the left of wind direction, the boomerang returning on your right.

NEVER throw a boomerang horizontally as it will zoom sharply upward and dive to the ground in a manner dangerous to the thrower and if persisted in could destroy the boomerang.

To obtain really accurate results in boomerang throwing it is essential that the thrower stand on the one spot and an aiming mark be selected in the direction the boomerang is to be thrown. Should the boomerang not return to you, throw to the right or left of original aiming mark until it does.

In calm and still conditions the boomerang will need to be thrown with more vigour than in breezy conditions. A little throwing practice will familiarise you with the boomerang and soon you will be throwing like a champion.

You will never cease to be intrigued by the boomerang, it will be a constant challenge to you and provide you with many hours of pleasurable exercise and relaxation. As you become expert in throwing, you may wish to practise catching your boomerang - do this by clapping it between both hands as it comes to you.

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