Coaster- Paula Church





I was born in Athlone,County Westmeath,Ireland.
I gained a degree in fine art at Brighton
Polytechnic in 1994. I entered works in various
exhibitions in England before emigrating to
Australia in 1996. In March 2012 I was an artist in
residence for the Lewin: Wild Art exhibition at the
State Library of New south Wales. I have also been
an artist in residence at Sails of the desert hotel
Ayres Rock I have exhibited at exhibitions around
Sydney, most notably Botanica at the Royal
Botanic Gardens. I began to paint birds in 2007
with a view to representing Australia’s most iconic
birds. I am also a heraldic artist, painting coats of
arms and other insignia. My recent commissions
include two 1910 Rolls Royce cars and a yacht.
My most notable commission was to paint eight
coats of arms and five insignia onto the Diamond
jubilee state coach presented to Her Majesty the
Queen. I like to incorporate three bees into my
paintings, an old heraldic symbol representing
industriousness. I also hide a small map of
Australia in the paintings.


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