Jean Charles Emu Oil 4 Pack

Gift Pack Contains:
2 x Emu Oil Vitamin E Crème  – 100gr jar
Emu Oil Vitamin E Crème is a light yet rich crème that can be used all over the body. Our unique Vitamin E formula makes it highly effective in helping to rejuvenate damaged tissue. The added benefit of Emu Oil will aid this rejuvenating effect as it pulls the ingredients deeper into the new skin layers. It is also a wonderful relief on climate damaged skin, particularly for the pain of sunburn.
1 x Emu Oil Night Crème – 100gr jar

While your body is at its most relaxed state, let the unique formulation of Emu Oil Night Crème go to work. Penetrating deeply to revitalise new skin cells after daily exposure to our harsh climate. Repeated use will also help to combat against premature aging. The added benefit of Vitamin A also greatly increases absorption, facilitates infiltration into the dermal structures, eliminating potential irritation.
1 x Emu Oil Day Crème – 100gr jar
Protect your skin from the damaging effects of the environment.
Emu Oil Day Crème, with its rich yet easily absorbed formulation, will keep your skin feeling soft and supple throughout the day. The added benefits of Collagen and Elastin with the deep penetrating qualities of Emu Oil make this a truly unique crème.

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